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Process Asset INCOSE G2SEBOK 3.30

Title: Vee Model of Systems Engineering Design and Integration
Version: 1 Effective Date: September 1, 2003
Status: Final Export Control: No


The Vee Model is a system development model designed to simplify the understanding of the complexity associated with developing systems. Earlier software engineering models, such as the Royce Waterfall and the Boehm Spiral, while making important contributions to the understanding of the process, fall short in conveying several important concepts necessary to doing systems engineering development right the first time and every time.

The Vee model is rooted in the project cycle, which is displayed from left to right to represent project time and maturity. Coupled with this depiction is the recognition of levels of decomposition, which are illustrated, in the vertical dimension from top to bottom. The User is at the highest level and parts and lines of code the lowest. The plane orthogonal to the plane of the Vee illustrates the number of entities at each level of decomposition, which relates to the complexity of the system.

The concept of an evolving baseline, progressively increasing in depth and under change control, creates the Vee shape, which is called the core of the Vee. The left leg of the Vee represents Decomposition and Definition and the right leg represents Integration and Verification

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